If buying or selling property, when do you think is the ideal time to engage a lawyer?  Most clients assume that a lawyer is only required at the end of the process when closing the sale.  Really, the perfect time to retain a lawyer is right from the beginning.  It is true that when the deal closes, a lawyer acts on your behalf to do a title search, transfer funds and register the deed.  A more proactive approach however, would be to involve a lawyer from the start when preparing to sign an Agreement of Purchase and Sale.  This document defines your rights and obligations with respect to the closing of the sale.  A lawyer can ensure that everything you agree to safeguards your welfare.   

Are you contemplating a new housing development and buying a home that has not yet been built?  A lawyer will protect your interests when trying to understand the lengthy purchase agreements common to new home developments.  Understanding what builder incentives are and how they translate into the final closing price of the new or yet-to-be built house is important before signing off on a purchase agreement.    

Consider a lawyer as part of your team of experts when buying or selling property.  Similar to using the services of a mortgage broker, a real estate agent or a home inspector, a lawyer applies their expertise on your behalf.  Buying or selling property is, for many, the biggest financial transaction they will do in their lifetime.  Bringing on a lawyer early in the process can save you time, money and undue stress.